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The patented MC-100 directly measures and displays chlorophyll concentration from intact leaf samples without damaging the plant material. The meter is calibrated to measure chlorophyll concentration with units of µmol of chlorophyll per m2. For reference and comparison purposes the meter also outputs relative units (CCI or SPAD). Typical application include chlorophyll concentration determination in leaves for assessment of nutrient status, fertilizer requirements, evaluation of stress, and optimization of harvest.

Apogee Instruments MC-100 Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

  • Display Output Unit

    µmol of chlorophyll per m² of leaf surface


    Measurement Area

    63.6 mm² (9 mm standard diameter), 19.6 mm² (5 mm diameter with reducer)



    ± 10 µmol per m² chlorophyll concentration using the generic equation (less for specific species)



    ± 1 %Repeatability± 1 %


    Sample Acquisition Time

    Less than 3 s


    Storage Capacity

    8 MB for up to 160,000 data measurements; 94,000 data measurements with GPS data entries


    Internal GPS Storage

    8 MB for up to 94,000 data measurements


    User Interface

    50 mm by 15 mm graphic display screen, 8 push buttons for control and data manipulation


    Data Output

    Mini-B USB port provided for main data transfer, RS-232 port can be used with GPS for integrated measurement


    Measured Variables

    Ratio of optical transmission at 931 nm to optical transmission of 653 nm


    External Operating Temperature

    0 to 50 C


    Temperature Drift

    Temperature compensated source and detector circuitry over full range


    Auto-off Interval

    4 minutes (with no key press or download)


    Power Requirement

    Standard 9 V DC alkaline battery



    152 mm length, 82 mm width, 25 mm height



    210 g

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