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1200W DE Super HPS: Ultimate Flowering Phase

The Growers Choice Master Pursuit 1200w DE HPS lamp is specifically engineered with a durable high intensity arch tube built from leading European technology to handle the stress of extreme light output. The MP 1200w DE HPS produces maximum par levels at highest efficiency, with the least amount of lamp degeneration in the industry at 1200w. The MP 1200w DE HPS is designed unambiguously for the most aggressive and confident heavy yielding producers who demand the highest quality and performance.


Only 1200 watt rated HPS lamp in the industry

5 times better degeneration rate compares to other premium 1000W lamps power at 1150-1200W

5% more efficient than other premium 1000W lamps power at 1150-1200W

Exceeds 2500 umol/s

Best Par Maintenance

Constructed with Philips inner arc tube

Recommended for experienced cultivators looking for the Ultimate option in double end lamp technology, the GC 1200w DE Super HPS was engineered for commercial cultivators who want to utilize the “boost mode” on their 1000w fixture. Standard double end lamps run at 1150-1200 watts are put through high levels of stress, immediately losing efficiency and degrading faster leading to higher utility costs and more frequent lamp replacement. Grower’s Choice 1200w DE Super HPS lamps eliminate this issue using a Phillips arch tube and GC technology to produce a high output, high efficiency, reliable and long-lasting lamp that will release the potential of your 1000w de fixtures, increasing the yield and quality of your commercial garden.

Grower's Choice 2K 1200W DE HPS

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