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The SB-100 combines excellent performance in a small package size at an affordable price. The sensor works well as a stand-alone product or to combine it with sensors affected by barometric pressure, such as our line of oxygen sensors. Typical applications include pressure measurement in weather networks, often for weather forecasting and to correct the output of sensors that are sensitive to pressure changes (for example, Apogee oxygen sensors).

Apogee Instruments SB-100: Barometric Pressure Sensor

  • Measurement Range

    15 to 115 kPa (approximate)


    Maximum Pressure Exposure

    400 kPa (exposure beyond this limit may cause permanent damage to sensor)



    45.9 mV per kPa; 0.459 mV per 0.01 kPa (approximate)


    Calibration Factor

    0.0218 kPa per mV (generic slope; reciprocal of sensitivity) and 11.4 kPa (generic intercept)


    Measurement Uncertainty

    ± 1.5 kPa (with generic calibration coefficients)


    Measurement Repeatability

    Less than 0.1 %Non-stability (Long-term Drift)Less than 1 % per year



    Less than 1 %


    Warm-up Time

    20 ms


    Response Time

    1 ms


    Temperature Response

    Less than 0.002 % per C for temperatures greater than 0 C; -0.015 % per C for temperatures less than 0 C


    Operating Environment

    -40 to 80 C, 0 to 100 % relative humidity (non-condensing)


    Input Voltage Requirement

    5 V DC


    Output Voltage Range

    0 to 5 V DC


    Current Drain

    7 mA DC



    16 mm diameter



    5 g



    120 mm pigtail

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